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For more information about the business court,  

State Court Administrator  
Business Court Program
1111 East Court Avenue
Des Moines, IA  50319 

Phone: (515) 281-5241


The original pilot project business court judges (from left to right):  Honorable Annette Scieszinski, Honorable Michael Huppert, and Honorable John Telleen.

Purpose of the Iowa Business Court

To improve the overall efficiency and responsiveness of the courts, the Iowa Supreme Court in December 2012 created the Iowa Business Specialty Court Pilot Project. The supreme court’s Memorandum of Operation outlines the pilot program and continuing operation. The genesis for this effort to leverage judicial expertise and gain court efficiencies throughout the judicial branch came from a key recommendation of the 2012 Report of the Iowa Civil Justice Reform Task Force.



Qualifications for a case to be assigned to the business court 

A case qualifies for assignment to the business court if it meets the criteria set forth in the Memorandum of Operation.



About the business court judges 

The Iowa Supreme Court, with assistance from the Iowa State Court Administrator, selects the Iowa District Court judges to handle cases assigned to the business court. The judges are:  


·         Michael D. Huppert, Des Moines, District Court Judge for the Fifth Judicial District of Iowa.


·         Annette J. Scieszinski, Albia, District Court Judge for the Eighth Judicial District of Iowa (now on senior status, not accepting new business court assignments).


·         John D. Telleen, LeClaire, District Court Judge for the Seventh Judicial District of Iowa.


Click here for biographical information on each of the business court judges.




Joint Consent Form for Case Assignment to the Business Court 

If all parties involved in a case, which otherwise meets the criteria for acceptance into the business court, agree to submit the case to the business court, the parties must submit a form (Joint Consent for Case Assignment to the Iowa Business Court) to the State Court Administrator. 

Note: The Joint Consent form is fillable and savable as a PDF file in the free version of Adobe Reader (available at

Assignment of cases to the business court judges


The Joint Consent for Case Assignment to the Iowa Business Court form must be submitted to the State Court Administrator, who will determine the assignment of a business court judge to the case. 

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