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Discovery Amendments

Effective January 1, 2015, new discovery rules will be applicable to Iowa civil litigation cases in an effort to allow more cost-effective and efficient litigation. The primary change involves a new requirement that parties file initial disclosures early in the case to exchange basic information that is typically provided later during the discovery process. The amendments also provide expert witness report requirements and other updates to the Iowa discovery rules.

Order -- Adoption of Expedited Civil Action Rule and Amendments to Iowa Discovery Rules (August 28, 2014)

Order -- Revisions to Expedited Civil Action Rule and Recent Amendments to Iowa Discovery Rules (October 30, 2014)

Q & A Regarding Amendments to Iowa Discovery Rules

Chapter 1 - Discovery Amendments

In addition to the amendments to the discovery rules, the supreme court amended Chapter 23 of the Iowa Court Rules, Time Standards for Case Processing, to include the shorter time standards for expedited civil actions and for a new rule 23.5—Form 2 Trial Scheduling and Discovery Plan replacing the former Form 2 Trial Scheduling Order.

Chapter 23 - Time Standards for Case Processing

Form 2 -- Trial Scheduling and Discovery Plan

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