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Uniform Bond Schedule 


Iowa law provides that under certain circumstances, an arrested person may be released pending an initial appearance if the release is pursuant to pre-trial release procedures or a bond schedule approved by the judicial council.  The bond schedule shall be used only if the person was arrested for a crime other than a forcible felony and the courts are not in session.    


Uniform Bond Schedule (Order: 8/2/07): 


  • Violation of §124.401(1)(a) & (b) (class "B" felony charge for manufacture or delivery of certain controlled substances, counterfeit substances, or substitute substances, including heroin, cocaine, and meth)—$100,000.
  • Violation of §124.401(1)(c) (class "C" felony charge for the above type crimes)—$50,000
  • Other class "B" felony—$25,000
  • Other class "C" felony—$10,000
  • Class "D" felony—$5,000
  • Aggravated misdemeanor—$2,000
  • Serious misdemeanor—$1,000
  • Simple misdemeanor (non-scheduled violation)—$300
  • Scheduled violations—amount established in State of Iowa Compendium of Scheduled Violations and Scheduled Fines


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