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Electronic Filing Information & Forms - District 7 


For Information:
Kathy Gaylord
District Court Administrator



This page serves as a convenient resource to find common forms and useful information regarding eFiling in the Seventh Judicial District. EDMS Bulletins issued by District Court Administration address specific process questions and issues. If you have a question to which you do not find an answer below, please contact the Clerk of Court for the county in which you are interested or District Court Administration. 


FORM | Dissolution Checklist (Revised February 2016)
      Attorneys should use this fillable Microsoft Word document when filing a final stipulated agreement in a dissolution matter by attaching it to the stipluated agreement. This checklist will assist the judicial officer in reviewing the matter and issuing the court decree.
            Dissolution Checklist  (32 kb)
EDMS Bulletin 2015-03
      Interpreters for Legal and Court Proceedings. Impact: All Counties in the Seventh Judicial District
            2015-03  (150 kb)
FORM | Income Withholding for Support
      Attorneys and pro se litigants may use this fillable Microsoft Word document to prepare a proposed order for Income Withholding for Support.
            Income Withholding for Support  (65 kb)
EDMS Bulletin 2015-02
      Required Appearances for Order Hour and other provisions. Impact: All EDMS Counties in the Seventh Judicial District
            2015-02  (88 kb)
EDMS Bulletin 2015-01
      Procedures for Withdrawing as Attorney of Record. Impact: All EDMS Counties in the Seventh Judicial District
            2015-01  (85 kb)
EDMS Bulletin 2014-02
      How to obtain a Family Law Decree. Impact: All EDMS Counties in the Seventh Judicial District
            2014-02  (71 kb)
EDMS Bulletin 2014-01
      Process for scheduling/rescheduling CRIMINAL and CIVIL matters in District Court. Impact: Scott County
            2014-01  (73 kb)
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