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Offsite Oral Arguments

On Tuesday, April 4, the Iowa Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Charles City, Iowa. The proceeding will take place in the Old Charles City Middle School auditorium, 500 North Grand Avenue. The session is open to the public and will begin at 7 p.m. The evening session is an opportunity for area residents, who may not be able to attend the court's regular morning and afternoon sessions, to watch the court conduct oral arguments.

The court will hear attorneys argue in one case:

Spencer James Ludman v. Davenport Assumption High School, case no. 15-1191, from Scott County district court

Defendant in premises liability action appeals from the judgment entered on a jury verdict finding defendant’s negligence was responsible for injuries the plaintiff baseball player sustained when struck by a foul ball while standing in an unprotected part of the visitor’s dugout at defendant’s baseball field. Plaintiff suggests the appeal presents important issues regarding the safety of the facilities at which student athletes participate. Defendant suggests sponsors of sporting events face an avalanche of litigation if the limited-duty rule is discarded in this context.

Appellant brief

Appellee brief

Reply brief

Appellee reply brief

Amicus Curiae brief of Iowa High School Athletic Association

Amicus Curiae brief of Iowa Association for Justice 

A Guide to Oral Arguments
This summary answers the questions: What is an appeal? What is an oral argument? What is the purpose of an oral argument?

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