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Forms for court interpreters to obtain payment:

If you interpret for an indigent criminal defendant, you must submit two forms to the State Public Defenders Office in Des Moines:

1. Fee Itemization and Court Order Approving Claim (updated 9-4-14)
It must be submitted to obtain payment regardless of which office pays the court interpreter.

If you interpret for an indigent party involved in a civil or domestic case, you must submit just the Fee Itemization and Court Order Approving Claim to the Finance and Personnel Office for State Court Administration in Des Moines.

2. Miscellaneous Fee Claim Form It is required only by the State Public Defenders Office.

Substitute W9 Form It must be submitted the first time an interpreter submits a Fee Itemization Form to the State Public Defenders' Office or the State Court Administrator's Office.

For more information on court interpreters obtaining payment for services, see:

Who Pays Court Interpreters and Steps Required to Get Paid

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