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In the Matter of Proposed Amendments to Iowa's Bar Admission Process
Order (September 5, 2014)

Video of public hearing regarding proposed amendments to Iowa's bar admission process  (August 27, 2014)

Part 1 of a.m. session

Ann Jorgenson,
Illinois Appellate JudgeAlfredo Parrish, AttorneyRyan Koopmans, Attorney; Angela Onwuachi-Willig, Professor, University of Iowa Law School; Linda McGuire, Associate Dean, University of Iowa Law School; Tom Levis, Attorney; James Morrison, Wisconsin District Court Judge.

Part 2 of a.m. session

Ben Ullem, Dean, Drake University Law School; Allan Vestal, Professor, Drake University Law School; Marianne Culhane, Dean, Creighton Law School; Erica Moeser, National Conference of Bar Examiners; Barry Currier, Managing Director of the American Bar Association; Dick Lyford, Iowa Board of Law Examiners; Tom Miller, Iowa Attorney General; Jim Ellefson, Iowa District Judge.

Part 1 of p.m. session

Roxanne Conlin, Attorney; Phil Garland, Attorney; Melanie Thwing, Student Bar Association President, Drake University Law School; Michael Keller, Attorney; Catherine Lucas, Attorney; Paul Morf, Attorney.

Part 2 of p.m. session

Tim Semelroth, Attorney; Michael Mock, Attorney; Allan Vestal, Professor, Drake University Law School; David L. Brown, Attorney.

Provided below are links to materials provided by various speakers at the diploma privilege public hearing (August 27, 2014)

Paul Morf introduction
ISBA Board Minutes
Submittal of Ben Arato with Exhibit

Erica Moeser
Understanding the Uniform Bar Examination

Michael Mock
Supplemental Comments

Guy Cook video
A Message from past president Guy R. Cook

Request for Public Comment on ISBA Recommendation for Iowa to Adopt a “Diploma Privilege”

The Iowa State Bar Association “Blue Ribbon Committee on Legal Education & Licensure” has submitted recommendations to the Iowa Supreme Court regarding Iowa’s bar admission process. The ISBA committee recommends that Iowa adopt a “diploma privilege” whereby graduates of the two in-state law schools, Drake University School of Law and the University of Iowa College of Law, would no longer have to pass a bar examination to become licensed to practice law in Iowa.

The court seeks public comment on the diploma privilege recommendation. The comment period runs from May 13, 2014, to July 14, 2014. The process for submitting comments to the court is set forth in the court order identified below. The court has also scheduled a public hearing on the diploma privilege recommendation to be held August 27, 2014, in the Iowa Supreme Court courtroom.

Also provided below are links to the ISBA recommendations and to a court staff report providing additional information on the diploma privilege.

Order Adding Speaker to Public Hearing

Order Setting Schedule for Public Hearing

Order requesting public comment

ISBA recommendations on diploma privilege

Staff report on diploma privilege

Public Comments


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