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Professional Regulation 


As head of the Iowa Judicial Branch, the Iowa Supreme Court has supervisory authority over the practice of law and the practice of shorthand reporting in the state.  This section of the website contains information pertinent to the regulation of both professions, including:  


  • Admission to the bar
  • Continuing legal education requirements for lawyers
  • Registration of in-house counsel
  • Annual fees
  • IOLTA accounts and grants
  • Attorney discipline
  • Designation of certified shorthand reporter
  • Continuing education for certified shorthand reporters
  • Shorthand reporter discipline


This section also includes information of interest to the general public, including: 


  • Lists of attorneys subject to disciplinary action and reinstatement orders
  • A form for filing a complaint alleging ethical violation by an attorney
  • A form for applying for compensation from the Client Security Commission for a loss resulting from the dishonest conduct of an attorney



Attorney Regulation Commissions 


Attorneys licensed to practice in Iowa must comply with certain regulations adopted by the Iowa Supreme Court.  Among other things, attorneys must complete a minimum number of continuing legal education hours and comply with attorney trust account regulations.  Several commissions assist the court with the administration of these regulations, including the Commission on Continuing Education, Lawyer Trust Account Commission, and the Client Security Commission.   The commissions' office is located at: 


Office of Professional Regulation 

Judicial Branch Building 

1111 East Court Avenue 

Des Moines, Iowa  50319 


(515) 725-8029 






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