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News Release

February 11, 2014

Contact: Steve Davis, Court Communications Officer, (515)725-8058 or

Scam Emails About Phony Court Cases Reported

Des Moines, February 11, 2014 Iowa State Court Administration has received several notices of spam email that falsely claim to be from the Iowa Judicial Branch or a court official. The emails state that a complaint was received, or court ordered restitution is due, or a trial date with the Iowa Court of Appeals is set.

The public should be aware that the emails are a scam and are not from the Iowa Judicial Branch. Persons receiving the email should not open or respond to them or click on any links in the email.

The Iowa Judicial Branch does not issue official court communications by email unless the recipient is a registered eFile user and the document is clearly identified as a Notice of Electronic Filing or Presentation. A Notice of Electronic Filing or Presentation will never ask the recipient to send money, request a social security number, direct the recipient to call a certain phone number, or advise the reader to download a document.

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