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Online Docket Records: 


Access the electronic docket of Iowa's state court system.  The docket is an index of the proceedings and filings in all court cases maintained by all clerk of court offices in the state.  Copies of complete documents are not available on this site.  Currently, documents can be obtained only at clerk of court offices.  Information about confidential cases such as child in need of assistance and mental health cases is not available on this site. 


You may search the online docket record by using a case number, a party's name, or an attorney's name.  


This State of Iowa Government computer system is for authorized use only. Use of this system implies consent to monitoring of any and all activities associated with its use. Unauthorized or improper use of the system may be punishable under applicable sections of the U.S. Code, the State of Iowa Code, and other applicable codes, statutes, and guidelines. Registered users are limited to 1000 searches per calendar day.


 Online Docket Record Search 


Access Charges 


Basic case information, including case titles and filings, criminal charges, case disposition, child support payments, and fine payments, is available free of charge.  For a $25 monthly registration fee you may access the "advanced search" section that for additional case information including case schedules, judgment index, lien index, exhibit lists, bonds, and service returns.   


To register for access for the advanced search service, click "Online Docket Record Search" and once you have reached the search page on your screen, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the "Register" button.  This will link you to the registration page. Registered users are limited to 1000 searches per calendar day. 


System Requirements 

This Web Based Electronic Public Access application requires a 128-bit Cipher Strength on your Internet Explorer. To verify this click on 'Help' menu item and select 'About Internet Explorer'. If your system is less than 128 bit, click on link 'Update Information' to update Cipher Strength.

Record Updates  

Because this site is the official court docket, case information posted on this site is current with information posted by clerk of court offices.  Our clerks' offices strive to enter case information on the docket as soon as possible after receiving it.  Nevertheless, delays occur because clerk of court offices are busy handling other important business.   

Electronic Record Start Dates  


All counties in Iowa were moved to the Iowa Court Information System (ICIS) as of September 1997. Some counties began entering data as early as October of 1991.  Be advised, depending on the county, cases prior to September of 1997 may exist in manual docket format only and are not available on this page.   County Start Date Index                

Some pre-ICIS cases were entered onto the system to maintain financial records, and they will appear with a 01/01/1901 initiation date.  

FAQ, Search Tips, and Help

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