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How to Find a Lawyer



If you are seeking a lawyer to represent you: 


  • Ask your friends, family, and colleagues for a referral.
  • Contact the Iowa State Bar Association's attorney referral service toll free:


  • Martindale-Hubbell Legal Directory:
  • Search the Internet or telephone directory.


Court personnel are not permitted to make referrals. 

Court Appointed Attorneys

In certain types of cases such as serious criminal, child in need of assistance, termination of parental rights, and involuntary commitment, the court will appoint an attorney for a person who cannot afford one. 


May I represent myself? 


Yes.  You are not required to use an attorney to represent you in court, but professional legal representation is often warranted because of the complex nature of the law and court procedures.  Litigants who represent themselves may miss important issues, make critical errors, or fail to anticipate the consequences of their lawsuits.  For these reasons, we strongly suggest that people who are contemplating legal action or who have been served with a lawsuit consult with an attorney.    

A person who is not a lawyer authorized to practice law in Iowa cannot represent you in court.

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