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Programs used on this site


For your convenience, the Iowa Judicial Branch offers links to several plug-ins and programs that may enhance your browsing experience.  All are commonly used and available for free download over the internet. The Judicial Branch does not directly endorse these programs, or accept any responsibility for their operation. 


Each of these links will lead you off the Judicial Branch web site. To return, simply press the back button on your navigation bar. 



  Adobe Acrobat Reader  


Allows users to view and print Adobe PDF format files. 



   Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack  


Open, edit, and save documents, workbooks, and presentations in the file formats new to Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007.  Users who have a version of Microsoft Word older than Word 2007 need to download and install this converter. 




 Microsoft Word Viewer  


Allows users who do not have Microsoft Word to view and print files in that format. 



 Windows Media Player 




These viewers allow the user to view movies on the Internet through their browser. 


  Real Player Basic  



     PowerPoint Viewer  


Allows users who do not have Microsoft Word to view PowerPoint Slideshows 




  Microsoft Excel Viewer  


Allows users who do not have Microsoft Excel to view and print Excel workbooks.  




Iowa Judicial Branch Accessibility Standards 


The Iowa Judicial Branch takes seriously the accessibility of our site to persons with disabilities.  According to statistics cited by the Iowa Department for the Blind, approximately 8% of all internet uses have some form of disability that affects their browsing. This creates a need for agencies to meet certain accessibility guidelines on their web sites. In this pursuit, we have added the following features to our site: 


  • Alternate text descriptions of images- this allows users accessing the site with a screen reader a better understanding of the layout of the page.
  • Text-based browsing- graphics are used, but the bulk of the meaning of each page is conveyed by simple text.
  • High-contrast pages- to accommodate low-vision users
  • Use of multiple formats for download-some file formats are not as accessible for others, especially to persons with low vision or blindness. Therefore, we attempt to represent important downloadable files in multiple formats whenever possible.


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