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Please use this online form to submit a request to have a judge/court employee attend your event. 


Information required for initial consideration of request:
Contact Information
* First Name: 
* Last Name: 
* Address: 
* City: 
* County: 
* Zip Code: 
* Email Address: 
* Retype Email Address: 
(for verification) 
* Business Phone: 
* Event Sponsor/Organization: 
* Date of Event: 
* Time of Event: 
* Location of Event: 
* Amount of time allotted for speaker: 
* Purpose or topic of event: 
* Approximate size of audience: 
* Audience age group or range: 
* Is event open to the public?: 
* Suggested topic of speech, 
or topics of interest to the audience: 

Important considerations:

  • Judicial ethics prohibit judges and judicial branch employees from participating in any fundraisingóno matter how important or good the cause.Consequently, judges and employees do not attend events involving any fundraising or the mention of fundraising.
  • For ethical reasons, judges and employees refrain from talking about the courtís decisions and any case pending in the courts.
  • For speech time, we highly suggest 15-20 minutes, plus 10-15 minutes for Q&A if desired.
  • Judges and employees do not accept honoraria (speaking fees) and gifts.


Additional information required upon tentative acceptance of invitation:

  • Driving directions to event.
  • Name of person who will meet speaker at event?
  • Will sponsor provide a podium?
  • Will sponsor provide a microphone?
  • Will sponsor provide a projector, screen and other equipment if necessary?
  • Copy or summary of event program (other speakers and topics, if applicable).

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