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Announcements - 2018 Archive

Judicial Nominating Commission begins process for selecting nominees for Supreme Court vacancy

The State Judicial Nominating Commission, which is responsible for selecting nominees for appointment to the Iowa Supreme Court, announced today it will begin accepting applications for the vacancy that occurred when Justice Daryl Hecht resigned effective today. The commission has sixty days from December 4, 2018, to send a slate of nominees to the Governor, who makes appointments to the court. 
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Judicial Branch Launches Simplified and More Convenient Juror Notification

The Iowa Judicial Branch has launched a new juror notification process.  Beginning today, prospective jurors in Iowa will no longer receive a paper juror questionnaire in the mail with a summons to report for jury duty. Instead, prospective jurors will receive a post card with information on how to complete the questionnaire online.

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Justice Daryl Hecht to Resign

Today, Iowa Supreme Court Justice Daryl Hecht, Sloan, announced his intention to resign from the supreme court December 13, 2018. 

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