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Iowa Judicial Branch Launches Interactive Court Forms for Small Claims

November 2, 2020

The Iowa Judicial Branch has launched interactive small claims forms statewide, the second set of Iowa Interactive Court Forms. Interactive forms are filled automatically with answers from an online questionnaire.  Previously, the branch released a set of interactive forms for dissolutions that do not involve minor or dependent adult children.  The latest release of interactive forms is for citizens filing small claims actions.

The online interactive questionnaire is available on the Iowa Judicial Branch website at  Small claims petitioners will be able to create an account, save their responses to the questionnaire, and complete the questionnaire from any computer or smartphone. Once the petitioner completes the online questionnaire, he or she can print off, sign, and electronically file the petition created from the questionnaire with the court.

The Iowa Access to Justice Commission recommended the judicial branch develop interactive court forms as an innovative way to promote access to justice for individuals who cannot afford legal counsel or who choose to represent themselves in civil cases. The commission is exploring ways to best serve unrepresented Iowans with difficulties accessing the Iowa justice system.

Contact your county clerk of court office or send questions to [email protected].

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