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What help can the person experiencing elder abuse get?

A vulnerable elder or substitute petitioner can ask the court to help protect the vulnerable elder and order the defendant to take steps necessary to protect the vulnerable elder, including:

  • Stop the elder abuse.
  • Not contact the vulnerable elder in any way, including in-person, by phone, in writing, through social media, or by
  • another person.
  • Stay away from or move out of the vulnerable elder’s home (even if the elder and the defendant share the home
  • or share title or a lease to the home).
  • Provide housing, transportation, and financial support for the vulnerable elder.
  • Not exercise powers on behalf of the vulnerable elder such acting as a guardian, conservator, or other official role.
  • Not control the vulnerable elder’s funds, property, resource, belongings, or other assets.
  • Return control or custody over funds, property, resources, belongings, or other assets to the vulnerable elder.
  • Follow instructions of the vulnerable elder’s guardian, conservator, or attorney.
  • Not transfer the funds, property, resources, belongings, or assets of the vulnerable elder.
  • Pay the attorney fees and court costs of the vulnerable elder.

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