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Electronic Filing (EDMS)

What is EDMS?

EDMS stands for the Electronic Document Management System. It is the Iowa Judicial Branch electronic filing and case management system used to electronically file, serve, and track cases and documents in Iowa’s courts.

Am I required to electronically file my documents?

Yes. Every court user must register for an EDMS account and file court documents electronically, unless the court grants an exception. Some filers are automatically excused from electronic filing by rule, including self-represented criminal defendants, confined persons, and self-represented parents in a juvenile proceeding. Iowa Rule of Electronic Procedure 16.302 provides the requirements for mandatory electronic filing.

How do I seek an exception from the electronic filing requirement?

You may file a written request with the clerk of court to ask the court to excuse you from the electronic filing requirement in your case for good cause. If you have more than one active case, you must file a written request for exception from electronic filing in each of those cases.

How do I register for an EDMS account?

To register for electronic filing, go to the Iowa Judicial Branch website at: On the Login page, click on the “Request Account” button below the login and password fields, then follow the instructions. Detailed step-by-step instructions for registration and filing can be found in the eFILE User Guide available on the Iowa Judicial Branch website at:
Additional instructions and helpful information are also available on the Iowa Judicial Branch website at:

Is there a charge for electronic filing?

There are no additional fees for electronic filing in the Iowa court system. Certain documents, whether filed electronically or not, still require a fee for filing depending on Iowa Code requirements.

What do I do if I don’t remember my user name or password?

If you do not remember your user name do not set up a new account. Call the clerk of court office in your county, and court staff can look up your user name. If you have forgotten your password click on “Forgot Your Password?” on the efile Login page of the Iowa Judicial Branch website and you will be instructed how to reset your password.

For more assistance, go to the Iowa Judicial Branch website at:

Can the public see where I live or my personal information if they look at the file?

Any documents filed with the court that are not restricted or made confidential are public records and available to the public at the public access terminals in the county where the case is filed. Chapter 16 of the Iowa Court Rules, the Iowa Rules of Electronic Procedure covers what is public information and what is not. The Iowa Court Rules are available by clicking on the link below, then scroll down to Chapter 16 – Iowa Rules of Electronic Procedure:

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