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How do I find out how much child support I owe?

The clerk of court may provide the party with a copy of the child support payment record for payments made to that clerk of court. This may only reflect part of the full payment record. A full payment record is available through any office of Iowa’s Child Support Recovery Unit (CSRU), if it is handling the case. Even if all payments were made through the clerk of court, the clerk will not attempt to calculate the amount of support owed. CSRU may be able to calculate the balance.

You may also go to the Iowa Judicial Branch website at: , under “How do I…”, and then under “Search Court Records” to find your case. Once you have found your case, click on the “Financial” link and there is a “Pay Rec” button that will enable you to print your payment record, but you may have to pay a fee to become a subscriber. You may also contact the Child Support Recovery Unit at for further clarification.

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