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How do I modify my child support amount?

Forms and instructions for obtaining a modification of child support and a “Guide to Representing Yourself in a Child Support Modification Case in Iowa” are available on the judicial branch website at:, then click on >Child Support and >Modifications.

Like divorce proceedings, child support modifications are often complicated. If you are confused or not sure how to proceed or how to fill out a form, you should talk to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, you may be eligible for legal services, or you may be able to afford to hire an attorney for a limited part of the legal proceeding. Another option may be to contact the Iowa Child Support Recovery Unit (CSRU). CSRU is part of the Iowa Department of Human Services, and its mission is to ensure that families receive the child support they need in order to be able to meet the financial and health needs of their children. The CSRU website is:

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