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How is post-secondary education or college support calculated?

Answers to FAQs about Iowa Court Cases, Procedures, and Policies (8.30.21) Page 23 of 68
The amount of a court-ordered post-secondary education subsidy is based upon: (1) the reasonable cost of attending an in-state public institution for a course of study leading to an undergraduate degree and reasonable costs for only necessary post-secondary education expenses; and (2) the child's financial resources including the availability of financial aid and the child's ability to work while attending school.

After deducting the child's expected contribution, the court will apportion the remaining cost among the parents. However, the amount paid by each parent may not exceed 33 1/3 percent of the total cost of the post-secondary education. Post-secondary support is paid to the child or the educational institution—not to the custodial parent. See Iowa Code section 598.21F.

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