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I am an adult, how do I change my name?

To change your name, you can file a Petition for Change of Name and pay the $195 filing fee. See Iowa Code chapter 674.

The Iowa Judicial Branch has automated the forms for changing an adult’s name, in an action separate from a divorce case, as well as changing the name of a minor child. Free name change forms are available on the Iowa Judicial Branch website at:, and interactive interview name change forms are available at:

You must include the following information in the Petition for Change of Name:

  • Your current name.
  • Your county of residence.
  • A description including height, weight, hair and eye color, race, sex, and place and date of birth.
  • Place of residence(s) for the past five years.
  • Reason for request.
  • A legal description of all real estate in Iowa owned or in which you have any legal interest.
  • The new name you are requesting to take.

You must attach a certified copy of your birth certificate to the petition. If your birth certificate is not available, you must explain why it is not available and provide another form of identification. If you are married, the petition must be served on your spouse as well. There may be an additional cost for having the petition served on your spouse.

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