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Traffic Citations

When is my fine due?

For traffic tickets, the fine is due on or before the court date shown on the ticket. For criminal cases, if you are found guilty your fine is due at sentencing unless the court grants additional time to pay or grants you a payment plan.

I just got a second notice that I did not pay my fine or appear in court. How can I get a second notice when I didn’t get a first notice?

The court considers the traffic citation or court order as the first notice and the reminder you received as the second notice.

How soon will my license be suspended if I don’t pay my traffic ticket?

Generally, your license will be suspended when the fine is past due for 75 days. You will receive notices explaining when this will happen.

What can I do if my license is suspended because of my fines, and I do not have the money to pay them all at once?

Ask at the clerk of court office to check if your case was sent to collections. If so, you can contact the office or agency that is collecting your court debt to see if you qualify for a driver’s license reinstatement plan.

What are the charges against me?

Your charges are on the complaint or traffic ticket, which a law enforcement officer gave you. For public charges, you may also find your charges by searching Iowa Courts Online on the Judicial Branch website at:

On the right side of the page, under “Trial Court,” click on “Case Search.”

If you have additional questions, you should contact an attorney.

How do I plead guilty?

For traffic cases, you may plead guilty by paying the amount of the fine shown on your ticket before the court date on the ticket by doing one of the following:

You may also go to court on the court date shown on your ticket.

You can also request a payment plan in writing or in-person at the clerk of court office in the county where you received the traffic ticket.

How can I pay my fine?

You can pay your fine in one of these ways:

  • On the Iowa Judicial Branch website at:
  • By calling: 515-348-4788.
  • By mail to the clerk of court office where your case was filed.
  • By going into any clerk of court office. Some courthouses have a drop box for payments.
I paid this ticket a while ago. Why doesn’t my online record show it as paid?

If you can produce some proof of payment, the clerk of court will investigate why a credit does not appear on the record. If the Department of Transportation (DOT) claims the ticket is not paid, you must provide the clerk of court with the case number the DOT shows as unpaid, so the clerk can conduct appropriate research on this issue.

Where can I go for a required traffic class?

You can check with the county attorney’s office or your local Department of Transportation office.

It wasn’t my car so why did I get a ticket for not having insurance?

You should talk to an attorney or read Iowa Code section 321.20B.

How can I contact the DOT?

(515) 244-9124
(515) 244-8725
(800) 532-1121
Or, you may contact your local Driver’s License Station

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