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What are Protective Orders and how long do they last?

Protective Orders tell law enforcement that the court has ordered defendant to stop the elder abuse, stay away from you, and not contact you. To see what the court can order the defendant to do, see “What help can the person experiencing elder abuse get?” in section 5 above.

There are two kinds of Protective Orders:

  • Temporary Protective Order—this order begins when the defendant receives it and lasts until the next order from the court.
  • Final Protective Order—this order will last for up to 1 year after the court hearing on the Temporary Protective Order. You may get another 1-year order if you file a “Request to Cancel, or Change a Chapter 235F Elder Abuse Protective Order” with the clerk of court before the original order expires. This free form is available on the Iowa Judicial Branch website or from the clerk of court.

Important: Only the court can change a Protective Order.

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