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What is a “Permanency Hearing”?

A permanency hearing is held within 12 months of the date a child is removed from the home. At a permanency hearing, the court may do any of the following:

  • Enter an order to return the child to the child’s home.
  • Enter an order to continue placement of the child for an additional six (6) months, at which time the court will hold a hearing to consider modification of its permanency order.
  • Direct the county attorney or the attorney for the child to begin proceedings to terminate the parent-child relationship.
  • Transfer guardianship and custody of the child to a suitable person.
  • Transfer sole custody of the child from one parent to another parent.
  • Transfer custody of the child to a suitable person for the purpose of long-term care.
  • Order long-term foster care placement for the child in a licensed foster care home or facility.

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