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Chronological Chart

Chronological Chart and Tables
of the
Iowa Supreme Court
1838-to Present

The Chronological Time Line Chart of the Iowa Supreme Court shows the growth of the court from three to nine justices, then down to seven justices and the personnel comprising the court at all times during the history of Iowa.  The Territorial Supreme Court was organized on November 28, 1838.  Iowa became a state on December 28, 1846.  The first three justices served on the supreme court during both the territorial and statehood periods.

The colored time lines show the beginning and end of each justice’s tenure.  All justices are numbered chronologically; those whose service was interrupted (see asterisk*) retain their original number and are not counted the second time.

Following the chart are three tables listing the justices chronologically, alphabetically, and by length of service.

Chronological Chart (1838 - Present)

Table of Justices Chronologically

Table of Justices Alphabetically

Table of Justices by Length of Service





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