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Iowa County Courthouse History

Most of the information about the Iowa County Courthouses was attained from a book by Jacqueline Wendt Stanek and Edward Stanek titled, Iowa's Magnificent County Courthouses, published in 1976. Counties and Courthouses of Iowa, a book by LeRoy Pratt, was also used to acquire general information. We want to thank the authors for granting the Judicial Branch permission to reprint excerpts from the books.

Some of the courthouses in the books may have been destroyed or replaced since the books' publication. We have tried to include information about these changes.

We would also like to thank Gordon Hendrickson and Ellen Sulser from the State Historical Society for their help in gathering and organizing, and scanning the pictures used in this site. Thank you also to Peter Grandgeorge of Ankeny who has contributed the updated, color pictures.

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