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Boone County Courthouse

In the middle of a session of court, in 1851, the roar of wind and the pattering of rain became so loud that Judge Cave J. McFarland could not hear the testimony in the courtroom. However, it took until 1856 for a formal courthouse to be constructed in the county seat of Boonesboro. This two-story building which cost over $2,100.

Later, the citizens of Boonesboro wanted a new courthouse for their growing county. But another town, Montana, had aspirations of becoming the county seat. It took two votes before the measure to name Boonesboro approved in 1865. A three-story brick courthouse was completed in 1868 at a cost of $38,000 in Boonesboro.

The town of Montana, now known as Boone, expanded the city limits to incorporate Boonesboro in 1892. The present courthouse was erected in Boone for approximately $250,000 in the year 1917. It has impressive marble walls and is adorned with terrazzo floors. The architectural style is Second Renaissance Revival.

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