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Bremer County Courthouse

From 1854 to 1857, the Bremer County courthouse was a little frame building. To replace it, a second courthouse was built of brick for $23,000. The splendid structure was 43 feet by 63 feet and was the pride of Waverly and the entire county. The courthouse was the scene of social, religious, and political gatherings until 1869, when the board of supervisors ordered the sheriff to exclude all parties from the building except political and county societies. In 1870 an additional fireproof building was constructed next to the existing one in order to protect the county records.

The present Bremer County courthouse is three stories tall at the center and two stories on either side, with another level beneath the ground floor. It was built with pressed brick and accented with stone trim. The total cost in 1937 was $139,000.

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