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Davis County Courthouse

The first Davis County courthouse was erected in Bloomfield, in 1844 for a total cost of $339. The building was 24 by 40 feet and made of logs. By 1851 it was unsuitable for use and a courtroom had to be rented for $100 a year. A Methodist church was eventually used as a courtroom and it was not until 1875 that an election finally authorized the construction of a new courthouse.

This building, which is still used a the courthouse, is typical Victorian architecture with wrought iron trim and a belfry. The Goddess of Justice proudly adorns the top of the belfry. The four-sided clock is readily noticeable to anyone entering Bloomfield. The courthouse is striking in appearance and full of personality, even after serving the public for over 100 years. It is admired for it's unique post-Civil War architectural style called "General Grant Gothic".

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