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Floyd County Courthouse

In Floyd County, early county records were kept in the homes or stores of county officials until construction of a two-story stone courthouse was completed. It was built at St. Charles for a cost of $18,000 and was completed in May of 1861. The building was graced with a dome and a self-supporting roof that was claimed to be a masterpiece of mechanical skill. On June 7, 1874, a bolt of lightning tore through the cupola and tore through the floor of the Recorder's office.

The building's condition deteriorated, until a fire destroyed the courthouse in 1881. Losses were estimated at $30,000 but most of the county records were saved.

A new courthouse was erected in 1881 on the foundation of the old building. It was built of the best brick, finished with stone trimmings, and handsomely designed. The total cost was $17,000.

In 1940, the second courthouse was demolished and the present courthouse was begun. It was made from tan brick, Bedford stone, and polished red granite. Today's courthouse was completed in 1941 and financed by a $240,000 bond issue.

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