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Hancock County Courthouse

The population of Hancock County grew after the Civil War and Truman Seymor, a man from New York donated a plot of land for the first county seat. The location was called "Concord" and two small buildings were erected in 1865, at a cost of $2,000.

In just two years these buildings were too small for the growing county's business and a new $10,000 courthouse was begun. A local English immigrant made the bricks for the building in Lime Creek and hauled them over to Concord. The building was completed in 1868.

In the 1890's, the city of Garner annexed Concord and a battle to relocate the county seat began between Garner and Britt. Garner eventually won the honor when a number of businessmen there decided to buy a site, build a courthouse, and give them to the county. Citizens on the east side of the county contributed $25,000 to complete the project. The courthouse was completed in 1899 and serves Hancock County today.

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