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Linn County Courthouse

The first courthouse Linn County was completed in 1842 at a cost of $40,000. The building, constructed in Marion, was two stories high and made of brick. Although a battle began between Cedar Rapids and Marion for the county seat, the second courthouse was built in Marion in 1855.

In April of 1919, Cedar Rapids deeded a plot of land to the county for the purpose of relocating the county government there. Voters were asked to approve a $1,300,000 bond issue for the construction of a new courthouse and plans were drawn up by an engineer. Although the issue failed, the board went ahead and spent money for a new building. Luckily, the voters did approve a smaller bond in 1922 so that the construction could be paid for.

A Bedford limestone courthouse in Roman and Greek architecture was constructed in Cedar Rapids on an island in the Cedar River. The ten columns that adorn the front enhance the building's powerful image. Inside, the posts and walls are made of travertine and the floors are made of marble. The building was re-dedicated in 1975 and still serves Linn County today.

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