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Polk County Courthouse

The first courthouse was built on Cherry Street in 1847. The foundation measured 26 by 52 feet and it was made of brick. It cost the county $2,015. It was eventually sold to a church for $800.

In 1858, the second courthouse was contracted for a sum of $64,300. Another $30,000 was needed to complete the two-story building which had an 87 foot dome. Later, an addition was added and some repairs were made, which brought the total cost to over $103,000.

In 1906, the current courthouse was built on the same square as the former courthouse. The building is basically of Federalist architecture with a clock tower and cupola emerging from its center. The original columns, stairways, and walls were made of marble. There are numerous murals on the fourth floor by Charles A. Cummings and Edward Simmons. Its original cost was $750,000.

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