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Union County Courthouse

The first courthouse was authorized in 1857 to be built in Afton. It measured 20 by 40 feet and cost nearly $1,800. It was equipped with a $40 bell which was useful since the building was also used as a school and church.

Stone from the quarries on the Grand River were used in constructing the next courthouse in 1872. The two-story building with cupola was erected on the public square for $20,000. The first courthouse was destroyed by fire in 1893.

In 1890, the county seat moved to Creston and a two-story brick building was constructed to serve as the new courthouse. Even though it cost about $22,000 to build, the citizens of Creston leased it to the county for 99 years for one dollar.

A $300,000 bond issue in 1946 was used to pay for the building of the present courthouse. It was constructed in 1952.

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