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G. King Thompson (1951-1965)

Chief Justice

G. King Thompson

Served on the Iowa Supreme Court from January 1, 1951, following his election, until he resigned June 30, 1965. For one and one-half years he served as Chief Justice.

Born on a farm near Jamaica, Guthrie County, Iowa, November 24, 1887. He was graduated from the Liberal Arts College of the University of Iowa in 1911 and from the College of Law of the same institution in 1914. From that year until 1941 he practiced law in Cedar Rapids. He was County Attorney of Linn County from 1933 to 1940 inclusive. Later he served as Judge of the then Eighteenth Judicial District from 1941 until he assumed his duties on the Supreme Bench. His written opinions while on the court are characterized by their economy of language and felicity of expression.

Justice Thompson practiced law in Cedar Rapids until his death, May 12, 1979.

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