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George Claussen (1931-1934)

Chief Justice

George Claussen

Served on the Iowa Supreme Court from October 21, 1932, when he was appointed to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of Justice Edgar A, Morling, until December 3, 1934. For a brief period from December 5, 1932, until April 16, 1933, he did not sit with the court due to an election contest. On appeal his right to a seat on the Supreme Court was sustained. [See State ex rel. v. Claussen., 216 Iowa 1079.] He was Chief Justice for one term of six months.

Born in Clinton County, Iowa, August 6, 1882. He attended the college of Law at the University of Iowa and was admitted to the bar in 1909. After serving as County Attorney of Clinton County for three years he was elected Judge of the Municipal Court of the city of Clinton.

After his retirement from the Supreme Court, Justice Claussen returned to the private practice of law at Clinton. On June 20, 1941, he was appointed to the District Bench of the Seventh Judicial District.

He died at Clinton December 18, 1948.

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