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Harry F. Garrett (1958-1960)


Harry F. Garrett

Served on the Iowa Supreme Court from December 15, 1958, following his election until December 31, 1960, when he was succeeded by Justice Bruce M. Snell.

Born at Corydon, Iowa, December 24, 1887. He was graduated from the University of Iowa College of Law and thereafter was admitted to the Iowa bar in 1911. In that year he commenced the practice of law at Corydon which he engaged in continuously until his election to the court except for the time he served in World War I as a Regimental Sergeant Major and later as an Assistant Attorney General from 1933 to 1937. He was a member of the 44th General Assembly (1931-1932]. He also served as County Attorney of Wayne County for three terms.

After leaving the court Justice Garret t returned to the private practice of law at Corydon, where he died August 10, 1971.

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