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Harvey Uhlenhopp (1970-1986)


Harvey Uhlenhopp

Served on the Iowa Supreme Court from March 10, 1970, until his death May 22, 1986. His judicial career spanned 33 years.

Born in Butler County, Iowa, June 23, 1915, he was graduated from Grinnell College and later from the University of Iowa College of Law. After his admission to the bar in 1939 he engaged in a general law practice at Hampton, Iowa, continuously until 1953 except for a two-year period he spent with the military [1943 to 1945). In 1945 Justice Uhlenhopp began a public career which has included service in all three branches of government. From 1947 to 1950 he was County Attorney of Franklin County. In 1951 and 1952 he was a member of the Iowa General Assembly. Later he was appointed Judge of the District Court of the then Eleventh Judicial District in 1953 where he continued to serve until coming on the Supreme Court.

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