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John W. Anderson (1933-1938)

Chief Justice

John W. Anderson

Served on the Iowa Supreme Court from January 1, 1933, until December 31, 1938. For one term of six months he was Chief Justice.

Born in Buchanan County, Iowa, July 21, 1871. He attended Upper Iowa University at Fayette and was admitted to the bar in 1893. He was County Attorney of Monona County for two terms from 1908 to 1912, inclusive. In 1914 he became Judge of the District Court where he continued to serve until he resigned in 1920. For the next thirteen years he accepted no public position until coming on the Supreme Bench, having in the meantime practiced law at Sioux City.

After his retirement from the bench Justice Anderson returned to the private practice of law at Sioux City where he died January 29, 1954.

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