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Lawrence De Graff (1921-1932)

Chief Justice

Lawrence De Graff

Served on the Iowa Supreme Court from January 1, 1921, until December 31, 1932. For one year he was Chief Justice.

Born at Apple River, Illinois, June 24, 1871. He was graduated from Dixon College in 189Z; from the Illinois College of Law in 1896; and from the University of Chicago in 1898. He first began the practice of law in Chicago, but in 1898 moved to Des Moines where he became an instructor in the Highland Park College of Law. In 1903 he was appointed Assistant Attorney General, where he continued to serve unti11907. From January 1, 1907, unti11910 he served as County Attorney. In the latter year he was appointed Judge of the District Court, where he continued until his election to the Supreme Court. He was the author of several textbooks on government, economics, and the law.

Justice De Graff died at Des Moines June 7, 1934.

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