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Get Text Reminders of Upcoming Court Dates 
and Payment Plan Due Dates

Dec 9, 2022:  These services are available ONLY in Shelby, Sioux, Polk, Marshall, Dubuque, and Davis counties.

Never forget a court date or a payment plan due date again

The Iowa Judicial Branch is testing the effectiveness of two free reminder services.  Case parties or interested members can subscribe to receive reminders for:

  • Upcoming hearing dates in criminal, simple misdemeanor, and non-traffic cases.
  • Payment plan due dates for criminal, simple misdemeanor, and traffic disposed cases.

Electronic reminders are sent via text:

  • 7, 3, and 1 day before a scheduled event occurs.
  • 5 and 1 day before a payment plan due date, and for overdue payments, 1 day after. 

Who can sign up:

  • For public cases, any case party or member of the public can sign up for notifications.
  • For confidential cases, If a case is confidential, clerks will sign up case parties after they appear in person and show IDs.

You'll need your case ID example of Case ID which is a 17-digit code

The case ID is a 17-digit code that identifies the type of infraction and the jurisdiction.  The case ID is printed on the Notice of Electronic Filing for case parties, or you can look up the case ID on Iowa Courts Online.

Look up Case ID on Iowa Courts Online

  • A state infraction will have five digits, two spaces, then ten characters.
    01071      FECR12345
  • A city infraction will have 17 characters with no spaces.

How to subscribe two more examples of the Case ID which is a 17-digit code

  • From your phone, text SUB and the case ID to 
    • 1-844-223-7995 for court date reminders
    • 1-844-226-1554 for payment plan reminders
  • In-person, call the clerk of court and ask to be subscribed.  

How to unsubscribe

  • Text STOP to a text reminder. You will stop receiving texts about cases referenced in the text.

  • Call the clerk of court and ask to be unsubscribed.

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