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Court Date Reminders

What are eReminders for Court Dates?

Dec 9, 2022:  This service is available ONLY in Shelby, Sioux, Polk, Marshall, Dubuque, and Davis counties.

These are courtesy texts reminding defendants and interested persons of upcoming court dates

eReminders are available only for criminal, simple misdemeanors, and non-traffic cases.

Common Questions about eReminders for Court Dates

How does it work?

Subscribers will receive a text notification of certain events seven, three, and one day before a scheduled event.

Who can subscribe?

  • Case parties (For confidential cases, the party must contact the clerk of court and provide identification.)
  • Interested people who are not parties to the case can subscribe only to public cases.

When are messages sent?

Messages are sent at 1 PM.

Who sends them?

The court computer system automatically generates messages.

What triggers the reminders?

For certain events the court system sends a reminder to defendants and any other people who signed up for reminders.

The reminders are sent seven, three, and one day before the event.. The notification only occurs at specified intervals.  Reminders are not sent when an item is continued, cancelled, at the time a new event is added to the schedule

How do I sign up?

  • If you are a case party on confidential cases, contact the clerk of court.
  • Case parties or other persons on a public case text “SUB" <CASE_ID> or “SUBSCRIBE" <CASE_ID> to  1-844-223-7995 from your cell phone, or ask your county clerk of court to sign you up. You’ll get an acknowledgment message after you sign up.

What’s a Case ID? 

  • A state infraction will have 5 digits then two spaces, then ten characters.  01071      FECR012345
  • A city infraction will have 17 characters with no spaces.                            01071ERSMCR012345

Am I signed up automatically?

No. Individuals must sign up for notifications.

What does an event reminder look like?

It will look something like this: 

What happens if the status of my case changes?

There is no new notification if the status of a scheduled event changes.  

If a new scheduled event is entered for your case, you will receive notice 7, 3, and 1 days before the scheduled event date.

What happens if I have multiple cases within one county?

 You will receive multiple texts.

If I have multiple cases in a county, can I cancel text notifications for just one?

Yes, you can unsubscribe by replying with one of the following trigger words: “STOP” followed by the Case ID for which you’d like to unsubscribe.

How do I unsubscribe?

There are several ways to stop receiving text messages.

  • To unsubscribe from one case, text “STOP” <CASE_ID> to the number sending the texts.
  • To unsubscribe from multiple cases, text “STOP ALL” to the number sending the texts.
  • Contact your county clerk of court office and ask to be removed from the court date reminders.

Why did I receive a response indicating that I am unable to subscribe to notifications for a Case ID?

If you are unable to subscribe to notifications for a specific case, verify you have entered the correct case number. If the case number is correct, the case type may not support eReminder notifications. Only criminal cases and non-traffic simple misdemeanors support eReminders for court hearings at this time.

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