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Videos and Brochures

The Iowa Judicial Branch created several brochures and videos for the public to explain the people and structure of the Iowa Court System, the Iowa Constitution, and provide information on jury duty and the Iowa Judicial Branch Building.

Guide to Iowa's Court System

A 16 page, detailed guide to how court cases proceed from beginning to end. It also describes the structure and administration of Iowa’s courts and how Iowans select their judges. At the end of this guide is a website directory for more information about Iowa’s court system and court services.

Courts at a Glance

A seven page, condensed guide to the Iowa court system with an overview of the three branches of government, the types of courts in Iowa, and the steps in criminal and civil cases in Iowa district courts.

Image of We the People: The Iowa Constitution and Our Courts.
February 12, 2015
Iowa Supreme Court Chief Justice Mark Cady explains to high school students the importance of the Iowa Constitution and how the courts use the document to resolve disputes between Iowans. Then, Justice Daryl Hecht explains how a person can appeal a case to the supreme court and what happens during...
Image of Video Tour of Iowa Judicial Branch Building
January 25, 2017
Discover some of the special features in the Iowa Judicial Branch Building and the interesting stories behind them. This 11-minute video is narrated by retired KCCI-TV news anchor Kevin Cooney and was produced by J. Alex Cooney with video production provided by his company, JAC Photoworks. The Cooneys donated their...
Image of We the Jury
August 28, 2016
We the Jury is a public service project for high schools by the Young Lawyers Division of the Iowa State Bar Association. This five minute introduction explains the history and importance of jury service.
Image of An Introduction to Oral Arguments
February 27, 2015
Des Moines attorney Ryan Koopmans presented a brief introduction to oral arguments prior to the February 24, 2015, special evening session of the Iowa Supreme Court.
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