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Access to Justice Commission

Iowa Access to Justice Commission

On June 27, 2016, the Iowa Supreme Court, upon recommendation of The Iowa State Bar Association, established the Iowa Access to Justice Commission to find solutions that will best serve Iowans who may encounter barrier to or difficulties with fully accessing the Iowa Justice system.

Order Appointing Members to the Iowa Access to Justice Commission (October 3, 2018)

Order Appointing Member to the Iowa Access to Justice Commission (October 19, 2016)

Order Appointing Members to the Iowa Access to Justice Commission (September 22, 2016)

Order Establishing the Iowa Access to Justice Commission  (June 27, 2016)

To view reports from the Access to Justice Commission, visit our Reports page.

Commission Members Term
Susan Barta, Sioux City 9/30/24
Honorable Matthew McDermott, Justice,  Co-Chair 9/30/24
Anthony Farrell, Des Moines 9/30/24
Marvin DeLear, Des Moines 9/30/22
Tim Eckley, Ex Offico  
Brian Farrell, Toddville 9/30/22
Katie Hall, Ames 9/30/22
Kim Hess, Clinton 9/30/24
Kristi Holzer, Norwalk 9/30/24
Leslie Kilgannon, Davenport 9/30/22
Daniel Mart, Polk City 9/30/24
Honorable Kevin McKeever, Iowa City 9/30/22
Robert Oberbillig, Des Moines 9/30/22
Kevin Patrick, Des Moines 9/30/22
Christopher Patterson, Waukee 9/30/24
Carol Phillips, Des Moines 9/30/22
Honorable Dustria Relph, Corydon 9/30/22
Luanna Nelson-Brown, Des Moines 9/30/24
Erin Lain, Des Moines 9/30/24
Angela Reier, Muscatine 9/30/24
Carrie Slagle, Cedar Rapids 9/30/22
Chantelle Smith, Des Moines 9/30/24
Megan Srinivas, Fort Dodge 9/30/22
Johna Sullivan, Adel 9/30/22
Jennifer Tibbetts, Cedar Rapids 9/30/24
Elizabeth Van Arkel, Des Moines 9/30/24
Shelley Whitcher, Council Bluffs, Vice Chair 9/30/22
Michael Wells, Hamburg 9/30/22
Henry Hamilton, Des Moines 9/30/22
Kristin K. Esche, Johnston 9/30/24
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