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Court of Appeals

Iowa Judicial Branch Building
1111 East Court Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50319
(515) 348-4700 (Clerk of Court)

Iowa Court of Appeals

Front row, left to right: Judge Julie Schumacher, Judge Mary Tabor, Chief Judge Thomas Bower, Judge Sharon Soorholtz Greer and Judge Paul Ahlers
Back row, left to right: Judge Tyler Buller, Judge Gina Badding, Judge Mary Chicchelly, and Judge Samuel Langholz. 

The Iowa Court of Appeals is an intermediate appellate court. It reviews appeals from trial court decisions that have been transferred to the court of appeals by the supreme court. A decision of the Iowa Court of Appeals is final unless reviewed by the Iowa Supreme Court on grant of further review. Some opinions of the Iowa Court of Appeals are published and become precedent for subsequent cases. The majority of appeals filed in Iowa are decided by the Court of Appeals.

As an appellate court, the Iowa Court of Appeals does not preside over trials. The court of appeals proceedings do not involve witnesses, juries, new evidence, or court reporters. Instead, the court reviews the written record of the trial court to determine whether any significant legal errors occurred.   

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