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Case No. 19-1257

State of Iowa
Roy Allen Doorenbos


State of Iowa


Roy Allen Doorenbos

Attorney for the Appellee

Louis S. Sloven, Assistant Attorney General

Attorney for the Appellant

Matthew M. Boles and Adam C. Witosky

Court of Appeals

Court of Appeals Opinion

Opinion Number:
Date Published:
Jun 17, 2020

            Appeal from the Iowa District Court for Poweshiek County, Shawn R. Showers, Judge.  AFFIRMED.  Considered by Tabor, P.J., and May and Greer, JJ.  Opinion by Tabor, P.J.  (23 pages)

            The State charged Roy Doorenbos with one count of sexual abuse in the third degree and two counts of assault with intent to commit sexual abuse.  A jury acquitted him on the sexual abuse count but convicted him of assault with intent and the lesser-included offense of simple-misdemeanor assault.  He appeals the two convictions, alleging inconsistent verdicts.  He also contends his trial was unfair because the court did not permit him to view his accuser’s mental-health records, declined to strike two jurors for cause, and granted the State’s motion to amend the dates in the trial information.  Finally, Doorenbos asks to be resentenced.  OPINION HOLDS: Because it was possible for Doorenbos to commit two assaults on two different days, but not commit sexual abuse on a later date, the jury’s verdicts were not inconsistent.  Next, the court properly denied his request for access to M.A.’s therapy records.  And the court properly declined to strike two jurors for cause.  Also, we find no error in the amendment of the trial information.  Last, because we discern no reliance on improper factors, the district court did not abuse its discretion in sentencing Doorenbos.

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