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Case No. 22-0056

Hopp v. Leistad Systems, Inc.


Bradley Hopp, Megan Hopp, Dawn Powel, Grace Robinson and Larry Stone, Plaintiffs-Appellants

Leistad Systems, Inc., Roger Leistad, Individually, Roger Leistad, as agent of Deborah Leistad, Roger Leistad, as agent, owner, shareholder, president, or director of Leistad Systems, Inc., Roger Leistad, as agent of Edward Leistad, Deborah Leistad, Individually, Deborah Leistad, as agent, sharholder, director, or officer of Leistad, Inc., Deborah Leistad as beneficiary of the Estate of Edward Leistad and as beneficiary of The Edward L. Leistad Revocable Trust Dated September 27, 2016, the Edward Revocable Trust dated September 27, 2016, Defendants-Appellees.

Attorney for Appellants Megan and Bradley Hopp

Ryan Beardshear

Attorney for Appellants Robinson, Powel, and Stone

Anne J. Quail

Attorneys for Appellee Leistad Systems, Inc.

Elizabeth R. Meyer

Logan S. Kraus

Attorneys for Appellee Deborah Leistad

Nick Critelli

Lylea Critelli

Attorney for Appellees Estate Edward L. Leistad and Edward L. Leistad Revocable Trust

Martin L. Fisher

Court of Appeals

Court of Appeals Opinion

Opinion Number:
Date Published:
Jan 25, 2023

            Appeal from the Iowa District Court for Clay County, Charles Borth, Judge.  AFFIRMED.  Considered by Ahlers, P.J., and Badding and Chicchelly, JJ.  Opinion by Badding, J.  (15 pages)

            Plaintiffs appeal the grant of summary judgment for defendants on claims stemming from a contract dispute.  OPINION HOLDS: We affirm the grant of summary judgment for defendants, concluding there are no genuine issues of material fact on any claim.

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