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Current Judicial Openings

Notice of Judicial Vacancy, Judicial Election District 3B (November 6, 2018)
District Associate Judge in Plymouth County

Notice of Judicial Magistrate Appointing Commission (November 5, 2018)

District Judicial Nominating Commission  3A


Honorable David Lester, Spirit Lake

Appointed Term Expires  
Joe Skow, Spencer 1-31-22  
Royd Chambers, Sheldon 1-31-20  
Ellengray Gutzman Kennedy, Bancroft 1-31-24  
Jodie Greig, Estherville 1-31-24  
Lois Clark, Teril 1-31-24  
Elected Term Expires  
Abby Walleck, Spirit Lake 1-31-22  
Jason Matthew Cook, Cherokee 1-31-24  
Shawna Nolan Ditsworth, Spirit Lake 1-31-24  
Scott Buchanan, Algona 1-31-20  
Jill Davis, Spencer 1-31-20  


District Judicial Nominating Commission  3B


Honorable Duane Hoffmeyer, Sioux City

Appointed Term Expires  
Robert Stewart, Sioux City 1-31-22  
Arlan Ecklund, Denison 1-31-22  
Delana Ihrke, LeMars 1-31-20  
Teresa Paulsrud, Danbury 1-31-24  
Vera Verdoorn, Hull 1-31-24


Elected Term Expires  
Jennifer Zupp, Denison 1-31-22  
Amanda J. Bahenda, Sioux Center 1-31-24  
Timothy S. Bottaro,  Sioux City 1-31-24  
Frank Tenura, Sioux City 1-31-20  
Priscilla E. Forsyth, Sioux City 1-31-20


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