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Family Law Mediation

Mediation Forms 

Family Law Procedures (PDF)

Application for Mediation Roster (DOC)

Application for Reduced Fee Mediation (PDF)

Application for Waiver of Mediation (PDF)

Financial Affidavit (PDF)

Sample Order for Mediation (PDF)

How to prepare for mediation (PDF)

List of mediators (PDF)

Form for mediators to file with the court (PDF) 

Form for mediation participants to provide feedback to the court (PDF)

Parenting plan checklist and agreement (PDF)

Attorneys interested in becoming a mediator in the Third Judicial District should contact:

Peggy Frericks
[email protected]

Children in the Middle

Mandatory Education for Divorcing Parents

Iowa law requires that parties to any action which involves the issues of child custody or visitation must attend a court-approved course about the affects of divorce on children. In all judicial districts, there are courses such as “Children in the Middle or Children Cope with Divorce. These classes are designed to help minimize the negative impact of divorce on children and educate parents about the needs of children whose parents are divorcing.

Parents are required to attend within forty-five days of the service of original notice or application for modification of an order. A final decree shall not be entered until the parties have complied with this requirement, but under certain circumstances attendance can be waived by the court.

Each participant must pay a fee. Other persons, such as grandparents may also attend for a fee. The registration procedure for each provider may vary, so participants should call to get specific information when planning to attend a class.

Court Approved Course by District

Children First flyer (PDF)

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