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Informal Family Law Trial Program

Informal Family Law Trial Program

Who can participate?

If both parties are self-represented (without an attorney), they may participate.

What types of family law cases are eligible?

Family law cases including divorces with or without children, legal separations, paternity (unmarried parent) cases, and modifications for child custody, visitation, and child support.

How does the program work?

The informal family law program is a streamlined option to a traditional trial for cases involving less complicated factual circumstances and, in the case of divorces, minimal property or debts.  All parties must complete mandatory mediation before being eligible to participate in the program.

The program limits the number of witnesses each during the proceedings and allows each party to submit limited number of affidavits or reports to the judge instead of testimony. During the trial, the person who started the case will speak first. A lawyer does not question the person. Instead, the judge will ask the questions. Then, the process is repeated for the other person. Once the trial is completed, the judge will enter a ruling.

Support Materials

Informal Family Law Brochure

Informal Trial Waiver and Selection Form

Statement of resolved and unresolved issues

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